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Below is information about Toppola for passenger cars:


Price.  The new Toppola has been constructed in a manner that allows us to keep prices at a very competitive level.  Besides the standard Toppola Personal, we offer a basic version for those of you who want to complete the interior yourself.  This keeps your purchase cost down.


Space. There is plenty of room for a kitchenette, cabinets, and a sofa to sit on.  The interior height is 6’ (192cm) and the bed is 6.5’x 5.5’ (200 x 170 cm).

 The low weight of the standard Toppola, with full interior package, is only 330 pounds (150kg).  This means you will hardly notice the Toppola while driving, and yet you will have a lot of cargo capacity.

 Construction. “Sandwich” style construction of the body means low weight & insulation against cold, heat, and noise.  The same Toppola will fit most cars on the market with the use of our removable gaiter system.  This gives you the opportunity to replace your car but reuse your Toppola.


Agility. The outer width is only 5’ 9” (175cm), about the same width as a passenger car.  This lets you use your factory side mirrors as usual - you do not have to install extra trailer mirrors.  Your car will operate in the open & in tight areas in the normal manner since the Toppola does not extend beyond the sides of your car.


Strength. The sandwich construction method we use means that you can run your Toppola for many years.  The entire body is cast in one piece which eliminates any fear that the body will warp or unscrew.


Customization.  We can build interiors exactly to your needs.  The standard Toppola comes with seating for 2 people with a kitchenette & heat.  We can build special interiors with seating, heating, & mechanical fittings to your specifications.


The picture below is of the Toppola Personal – our standard unit.  With our new model suitable for both passenger cars & pickup trucks, we can reasonably say that we have the most complete & affordable program of passenger car R.V.’s.


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